Companion Planting: Take That, Pests!

We have recently upgraded from “throw stuff in the ground and see what grows” gardeners to “throw stuff in the ground, then read about how we could have done a smarter job of that, then see what grows” gardeners. Among the things we’ve read about how we could have done a smarter job of gardening have been some tips about pest-repellent companion gardening. Companion gardening is a concept we’ve kind of willfully ignored (although we totally inadvertently stumbled onto the cosmos/corn pairing our first summer, which may explain why we inadvertently managed a really good corn yield), but we’re becoming increasingly freaked out about pests. So when we read that marigolds are kind of a cure-all pest-repellent, and can be easily plopped into the corners of your vegetable beds and then left to work their magic, how could we resist?

This weekend has seen the final uncovering and dirt-filling of the beds, and after doing the not-at-all fun part of that yesterday, today was all about putting in our miracle pest-repellants in preparation for the big tomato-planting next weekend. We bought a handful of different marigold colorways, and then randomly dispersed them around the beds that had room for them.

They’re in the corners of the potato beds, on the ends of the radish/pepper bed, and in the newly-filled tomato and basil beds, ready to be boon companions to our crops.

And if nothing else, they’re a welcome spot of cheerful color amidst all the empty soil and wee, spring-green sprouts.

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