All Walks Of Potatoes

So we planted four types of potatoes this year, Yellow Finn, All Blue, Banana Fingerling, and Desiree. They’re very distinct-looking potatoes, as their names would suggest; the Yellow Finn is a small, yellow waxy potato, the All Blue is, well, all blue, the Banana Fingerling is a waxy, yellow and elongated, and the Desiree is a red-skinned potato with yellow flesh. Now that they’re all sprouting, what’s surprisingly cool to see is how different their plants all look, too.

First to come up was the Banana Fingerling, and while it’s very potato-y, it has a kind of elegant legginess to it. I’m sure that’s purely coincidental, but I still think it’s cool that a long and graceful tuber has sprouted a long and graceful plant.

The Yellow Finns have been slower to sprout than the others, and right now they look suitably stumpier than the Banana Fingerlings. That will probably change soon, but right now, humor me, okay? I’m trying to run with the idea that the plants are all reflecting the potatoes they’re someday going to grow into.

What’s kind of cool about those two plants compared with the Desiree and the All Blue is that they’re the same color. The Desiree, meanwhile, is definitely veined with a hint of red:

Furthermore, I think the leaves are a little plumper and curvier. Although I’m probably projecting — I am convinced this plant is called “Roselle” (I have no idea why), so I think I’m looking for “Roselle”y traits when I look at it.

By far the coolest thing to happen in our garden so far this year, though, is the sprouting of the All Blues. They grew in blue.

We had visions of totally blue potato plants dancing in our minds for a few days, but as they’ve leafed out, they’ve greened up quite a bit. That said, they’re still a hell of a lot bluer than their compatriots.

So now I’m all excited that the four different plants have such distinct looks, so watch they all end up appearing exactly the same a month from now.


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