Hey Maple Hoo — What Are You Growing Today?

Today was a hard-labor kind of day, a day that prompted Pookie to invent the term “yardfun” to trick us all into thinking we were enjoying what we were doing. But no matter how tiresome the work in the yard is, it’s all made up for by the sight of our plants growing in. So we happily fenced trees, dug up weeds, lugged soil and turned beds, because it’s already the last weekend of April — that means our “seedlings” are well on their way to becoming “crops”.

We have had almost no luck at all with our lettuces this Spring, which means we’re complete and total losers, because even the dimmest of bulbs can grow lettuce. But we did direct-sow some radishes a couple of weeks ago to go with our now totally imaginary lettuce crop, and they’re looking very sassy today:

We also direct-sowed a row of scallions in one end of the onion bed, and for the second straight year, were despairing that we’re too incompetent to grow bunching onions. But today, lo and behold, there are three wee little seedlings in the row where we planted dozens.

We’ll try not to eat them all in one place. (And we’re also going to start a tray of scallion seedlings tomorrow, because they were a crazy-good crop two years ago. The regular onions seem to work very well when they’re started and transplanted, rather than just tossed in the dirt, so maybe we’ll have better luck this way.)

The potatoes are in fine form, and we’ve got 17 plants coming up now of the 24 we planted. We’re going to give the remaining seven one more week to show they’re sprouting before plopping a few more seed potatoes into their places. Interestingly, when we went to strip the straw cover off the bed we’re putting the gherkins into this summer, we discovered there was an abundance of volunteer potatoes coming up in there. Obviously, we did a lousy job completely harvesting the crop we had in there when that bed was hosting potatoes last year.

There were no fewer than six potato plants above the soil, and it took some work to get all the way down in the soil to the sources.

Damn, that’s a lot of potatoes we missed. Oh, regrets. Terrible, terrible regrets. As Boomer said as we gazed upon them sadly, “That’s a whole meal.” This year we will be digging down to China if need be, to ensure that we’ve harvested each and every delicious potato morsel from our garden.

Meanwhile, the garlic is growing like a weed…

… And speaking of weeds, we’ve got lovely little violets growing of their own volition in our pumpkin patch. What a nice change from the dandelions and poison ivy that normally live in there.



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4 responses to “Hey Maple Hoo — What Are You Growing Today?

  1. Liz

    Hey ladies – I finally found the time to browse through your “living” blog and I love it. You’ve got an impressive garden and orchard going. And oh my, you include drink and dinner recipes. You have a new gentle reader!

  2. Sarah

    Our lawn is covered in those little violets and combined with all the dandy-lions it is a brilliant yellow and purple dotted expanse of green. How nice is that?

  3. Liz, glad you like the IPB Life & Style Guide blog! ;)

    I can’t recommend enough the chili recipe that Schnookie included in the archives. It’s like a magic dinner! It’s always delicious and it provides tons of leftovers. And every drink recipe on here is a score. (Particularly when the Devils play like poop.)

    Sarah, your lawn sounds lovely! I can’t wait to see it. The violets were such a nice surprise!

  4. Liz, I’m so glad you’re enjoying IPB Living! I have high hopes that someday we’ll be bigger than Martha Stewart, spreading the gospel of our brand of lazy, slovenly good living.

    Sarah, I love the lawns that are filled with the little violets and dandelions right now! That’s so pretty!

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