So… What’s In Bloom?

We have recently taken to perusing other people’s garden blogs, and discovered a delightful blogosphere-wide activity called Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. The gist of it seems to be that you venture forth into your garden on the 15th of every month, catalog everything that’s blooming, and post about it. Despite the fact that we’re not flower gardeners, this seems like a really fun venture. And despite the fact that we missed the 15th, so we’re not going to go posting this anywhere else, it seemed like it would be fun to take a look around the grounds of Maple Hoo today to see what’s looking bloom-y.

The most obvious place to start is the daffodil bed under our black locust tree.

Two years ago, Boomer decided to buy two 100-count bags of “The Works” from one of those specialty daffodil bulb nurseries. We spent a giggling Autumn afternoon randomly planting the bulbs in the comma-shaped swirls that I’d read occur in nature, and then promptly forgot all about them. The following Spring, we were delighted to be reminded of them; this Spring, then, has brought double the joy, because these daffodils are dividing like mofos. I have no idea what specific types of bulbs were included with “The Works”, and a lot of them have already passed their peaks, but here’s a closer look at some of the brightest lights in bloom today:

Elsewhere in the front yard, the orchard is starting to look gorgeously pink. The most resplendent of the apple trees today is the Enterprise:

I suppose as a so-called gardener, I should be repulsed by all things “weed”, but you know what? I love dandelions. Look at how cheerful and bright they are!

Probably the biggest surprise of the day, though, came when we trooped around back and happened upon the grapevines we planted during our first Spring at Maple Hoo. These are pretty low-priority plants for us, but they persevere in their little bed behind our garage. And today, they offered a nice little picture:

It’s not quite a bloom, but it’ll do.



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7 responses to “So… What’s In Bloom?

  1. I love the blossoms (?) on the apple tree. (I can only assume they are blossoms, because I know zilch about trees! And especially fruit bearing trees!)

    And I’m not a huge fan of daffodils (I think it’s the yellow) but the soft peach-y looking ones are lovely!

    Poor dandelions do get such a bad rap. As a kid you pretty much love them and can’t wait for them to turn all white and fluffy, so it is hard to hate them as an adult. But those are the rules!

  2. I remember being so delighted with dandelions as a kid, too — I think there’s definitely a “feeling like a kid” aspect to loving them now. I remember racing around the yard to find pristine white fluffy dandelions to wish on. And there was always something so fascinating about the spongy feel of the flowers before they go to seed… I guess I’ll just keep on being a rulebreaker here as an adult. :D

    Those fluffy, peachy daffodils are insane, aren’t they? Considering what flower-growing bobos we are, I’m really impressed they’re something we planted and got to blossom! :P

    And those are, indeed, blossoms on the apple trees. Fruit trees are kind of a magical mystery to me, and after a few years with them in our yard, and very little fruit to show for it, all I seem to know is that they get pretty flowers, then have pretty leaves, and then they have nothing. Maybe this will be the year that all that changes.

  3. I cannot get over the blossoms on the apple trees. They are making me unimaginably happy. I don’t care if we never even get apples from them, the blossoms are enough for me!

  4. I dunno, those blossoms look very promising! If I had anything with blossoms like that, I’d be verrrrrry excited!

    Looks like you get great sun there…

  5. I don’t want to anger the Apple Gods, but I also think the blossoms look promising!

    And yeah, we get amazing sun here. Bewitching sun, even. I mean, we were never even remotely interested in gardening before we bought the house, and now it’s all we ever think of! :D

  6. Sarah

    I am so charmed that you included a photo of dandelions. I happen to think there is nothing lovelier than bright bright spots of yellow against my green green grass-it’s so cheerful!! (On the other hand, my favorite garden tool is the “hand weeder” which removes dandelions from pathways and gardens most…handily.) Oh, and Clark is excited by every dandelion he sees thinking it some kind of precious flower and keeps shouting, “OH! a Sunflower!” at them.

  7. That’s so great that Clark is calling them sunflowers! Why not? They are quite sunny! (I just watched a deer come through and eat half of the ones in the backyard.)

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