Look Who’s All Groweds Up Now!

Our little peppers are too big for their seedling trays now!

And the garlic? Towering.

The garlic bed is starting to look lush! (Okay, it’s not quite lush, but it certainly looks more green than any of the beds around it.)

Meanwhile, one bed over, the banana fingerlings are starting to reach for the sky:



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2 responses to “Look Who’s All Groweds Up Now!

  1. banana fingerlings

    This may sound really stupid….but what are banana fingerlings?

  2. Banana fingerlings are a type of potato. We’ve never grown them, but I think we’ve gotten them from our Farm before. I suspect they’re a nice yellow waxy, long fingerling potato, but ours might surprise us. The seed potatoes were very stumpy. They were kind of like wee little comma-shaped baby potatoes.

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