A Crisp Foray Into Pitcher Drinks

Today we inadvertently ended up doing a hell of a lot more yardwork than we meant to, and when we finally finished up with the building the compost bin, the staking and deer-fencing five apple trees, the transplanting the pepper seedlings, the cataloging the blooms around the grounds, and the watering the garden, we were in dire need of a crisp, refreshing drink. Thank goodness, then, that I’d already planned for some Limoncello Collins. This is a drink from one of the Food + Wine cocktail books I got for my last birthday, and it is constructed as follows:

Combine 8 oz. Limoncello, 6 oz. gin, and 4 oz. fresh lemon juice in a pitcher. Refrigerate for at least two hours to let the flavors combine. Line four (or, um, in our case today… three) collins glasses with paper-thin slices of lemons pressed to the sides, then fill the glasses with ice. Divide the limoncello mixture between the glasses, and top with club soda.

This is super tasty. It’s fizzy and sharp and crisp and tart and a little bit sweet. And it was a delightful capper to a day of hard work out in the fields.



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7 responses to “A Crisp Foray Into Pitcher Drinks

  1. Do y’all make your own limencello?

  2. We should try to make both! :P

    Actually, I have been meaning to make limoncello but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Have you ever tried making it?

  3. I haven’t, but I have a friend who makes it, and the stuff is lethal! I couldn’t handle it, so I gave the bottle to my sister. She tricks already drunk people into drinking it! Then they are really drunk!

    good times…

  4. Hmmm… That sounds delicious and effective!

  5. lol, that’s evil, I’ll have to try that. I’ve made tons of it myself. Check out my blog if you want some pointers and let me know how it goes!

  6. Thanks, Ben! We’ll be sure to check it out for recipes and tips!

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