The Gloriousness Begins

Pookie and I each have our own bathroom, and each has a window that overlooks the backyard. Directly outside those windows stands a scraggly old dogwood tree. It doesn’t look like much at all from the ground, but both of us cherish that tree above almost all the others in the yard because of the view through its branches that we have while brushing our teeth. And today, after a few weeks of taunting us with ever-swelling buds, it started blooming.

I love this tree so much!



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3 responses to “The Gloriousness Begins

  1. The dogwood might be my very favoritest thing about Maple Hoo. I know I should like the maple more, but the dogwood is just so… serene. I guess because it doesn’t get as full as other dogwoods I see, it seems more architectural. Or something.

  2. It’s a REALLY architectural tree — you’re so right. It’s as if each branch is entirely distinct from the others. It’s kind of like a 30-foot-tall dogwood bonsai.

  3. Girls! You’re killing me! I have a dogwood outside my bedroom window, it blooms with yellowish flowers and it is my number two favorite sign of spring, right after the green mist that appears on all of the maples right before they have real leaves.

    Seriously, why are you living in my thoughts?

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