The Greening Of Maple Hoo 2: The Greeninging

Today Springtime just busted out, and I decided to grill something for dinner because there wasn’t an early hockey game we were married to. While waiting on the fire to get going, we did a sweep of the yard to check up on the progress of our plantings. Out front, in the garden and orchard, there was a lot of excitement. The early-blossoming apple trees are awash in little pink buds, and in the garden beds we’ve got our first direct-sown lettuce coming up, as well as something that may very well be a potato. Of course, it might be a weed instead, so we’re holding off a bit on the formal baby portraits until we can tell for sure that it’s what we want it to be.

Meanwhile, in the backyard, things are looking positively lush in the cold frame:

Look at the tomatoes! They used to be just wee baby seeds! And now they’re towering giants:

Meanwhile, tucked in the cold frame with them, are the slightly less towering, yet still brawny nardello peppers:

The cold frame itself is nestled at the base of the house, just in front of the raspberry bramble we planted last summer. We didn’t have hugely high hopes for the sort-of impulse-bought raspberry plants we bought from the nursery co-op one random day, especially after one of them got knocked over in the car on the way home and was basically completely snapped in half. As it turns out, it’s hard not to get reams of raspberries, no matter how you beat up or neglect your raspberry bushes. We were harvesting them by the handful well into November. And now this Spring they’re definitely on their way to full “bramble” status:

The most pleasant surprise of our “How Green Is Our Hoo” walking tour tonight was when we stopped at the trellis on the side of the garage, where one of Boomer’s clematises lives:

There are going to be flowers all over the place in no time!


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