Bulging The Old Onion Bag

Having learned absolutely nothing from the peach tree plant-a-thon on Monday, we decided this Thursday after work, when there wasn’t an early game on that we cared about, to transplant the onion seedlings. The first planting we started was looking robust and hale, and the second planting was all well-sprouted and on its way. They can be direct-seeded well before the last frost, so it made some sense to get them into the ground now, and open up some space in the cold frame for the tomatoes when the weather warms up. Also, after doing so much yardwork this week, we wanted to be able to loll around all weekend drinking cocktails. We weren’t going to want to do the onions on Saturday or Sunday.

It turns out that we started a hell of a lot more onions than we thought.

We’d thought we’d have room for a successive planting in the coming weeks, but the whole bed was filled with just about 75% of our seedlings. It was sad to have to pick which ones we loved best, but that’s part of the job when you’re a gentlewoman farmer. And now we’ve got a happy bed filled with perky Newberg and Riverside onions, with a little spot left over for bunching onions (where we did save room for direct-seeding successive plantings). Look how perky they are!

And yes, this job ended up taking about an hour longer than we expected. Really, gardening after work? Not a great idea for lazy schlubs like us. I’m confident we won’t be demonstrating such get-up-and-go again any time in the near future.


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