The Greening Of Maple Hoo

This morning we woke up to the excited news from Boomer that there was a daffodil blooming in our yard. Abuzz with excitement, we put on our shoes, grabbed the camera, and ran outside, ready to soak up the glorious Springness.


Ummm… okay. Well, it is, undeniably, a daffodil. It is also minuscule. In case you can’t tell from that picture, here it is next to one of those sugargum ball things:


Maple Hoo’s first daffodil of the year is the size of a quarter. At best. We’re not even sure how Boomer noticed it in the first place.

A bit disappointed, we went in search of other signs of the burgeoning season around the grounds. As we turned the corner of the deck and made our way along the side yard, we came across the famed gooseberry bush of Maple Hoo. This is a plant that Boomer brought home from a Master Gardeners sale last summer; it had been free for the taking because it was so extravagantly pathetic that the Master Gardeners felt bad charging anything for it. It makes Charlie Brown Christmas trees look resplendent. When it arrived home it was no more than a stick in a pot, and now that it’s “thriving” in its new home, it’s really no more than a stick in the ground. But it’s allegedly a cutting from a massive heirloom gooseberry stock from some nearby estate, so while it might not look like much, it’s said to be from great bloodlines.


And it’s also getting leaves.


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