Seedlings ’08: An Update

This morning saw tragedy befall our onion crop. Pookie reported shortly after the event, “The onions will someday be able to tell their descendants about the time they survived the Great Earthquake.” It seems she was rotating the flat of seedlings and, well, dropped it. Many were lost in the cataclysm. Of course, a fair number of them made it, so we should still be okay when it comes time for the big outdoor planting.

Meanwhile, the tomatoes are growing at a ridiculous rate. We were thinking they’d stay small enough that we’d transplant them in three weeks just directly from the seedling trays (like the peppers), but these are not well-behaved tomatoes. They are willful and perhaps even mutants. They’re huge. We’re going to have to graduate them up to little peat seedling pots soon, because their roots are starting to bust out the bottoms of their trays. Also, they’re tall enough now that they’re starting to fall over like they think they’re creeping, free-range tomatoes or something. So Boomer got out some twine and bamboo skewers and staked them today.


Meanwhile, we started a few more trays of seedlings — some more onions (we were planning to do so even before the Great Disaster) and some lettuces.


Now, lettuce is a total bobo plant. You can direct sow it into even the crappiest of soil, and with a bare minimum of care, really at any time of year, you’re likely to get a nice crop. But we want to start them early this year because we have ambitious plans for decorative planting patterns. I have no doubt this will yield highly comical results, but who are we to let that stop us?



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3 responses to “Seedlings ’08: An Update

  1. Yay! They’re so nice looking! I’m all excited now to see the Totally Official IPB Living Harvest. Or whatever cool name you ladies would come up with.

  2. Hmm… I think we definitely do have to come up with a cool name for our harvest this year. :D (And you think you’re excited? I’m LOSING MY MIND!) (Oh, and the lettuces have already sprouted. I’m wondering if they even actually need to be planted. I think they’d grow if you just watered the seed packet.)

  3. I think they’d grow if you just watered the seed packet.)

    They probably would! Kablam, overnight!

    I bet y’all are salivating for the harvest!

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