It Seems To Have Sprung

The first day of Spring was two days ago, and it appears the plants in our yard got the news. I’ve spent much of this morning glaring jealously at the little cluster of crocuses at the base of our neighbor’s mailbox, until suddenly it dawned on me that we have a spot in our yard that traditionally gets a crocus or two, too. And lo and behold! Here one is!


I raced out to take a picture of it to send to Pookie, who’s stuck at work today, and on my way back inside, I glanced into the garden. The only thing that’s in there right now is the bed of garlic, which we planted in the Fall. It’s been covered with straw since November, with chicken wire over that to keep the squirrels out.


What’s this? Can it be? For reals? OUR FIRST CROP!


I can practically taste the scapes!



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6 responses to “It Seems To Have Sprung

  1. Meg

    Yay, spring! The greenmarket nearest to me was so full of flowers and people today too.

    What are scapes though?

  2. I’m so jealous, Meg! There’s nothing as nice on an early Spring day as a greenmarket full of flowers.

    Scapes are the shoots that grow up from garlic bulbs. In late Spring, you cut the shoots to encourage the garlic part of the bulb to grow. The shoots, meanwhile, are tender, green and have a mild garlicky flavor. They are phenomenally delicious, both raw and cooked. They’re one of my very favorite crops from our farm share, and were kind of the primary reason we started planting garlic at home in the first place.

  3. Meg

    Mmm . . . they do sound delicious.

  4. I recommend keeping your eyes peeled for them around mid to late May. I think they’re becoming increasingly easy to find, and they’re worth giving a try!

  5. Oh crocuses! As a wee HG, I would tromp through the bush, searching for these epitomes of spring. They were always so soft and pretty and I would worry if a frost came. Awww… crocuses…

    It’s still -100 here. -150 with the windchill.

  6. What a drag, HG! Why is it allowed to be so cold? (Actually, for all that it looks Springy in these pictures, it’s about -50. -75 with the windchill. Hardly “Great White North” cold, but hardly picnic weather either. Stupid March! When do we get the “out like a lamb”?) (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. It’s not really -50ish. But it’s not balmy, dammit!)

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