Self Medicacion

Hockey sucked huge rocks tonight. HUGE rocks. The entire hockey world collapsed around our ears. So, with the final buzzer of another Devils loss still echoing, we turned to the time-honored tradition of drink to soothe our tortured souls. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make, but Pookie recently stumbled across The Cocktail Database so I figured I’d give the site a whirl.

Being wildly creative, I plugged “rum” and “lime juice” (I know. Very daring) into the recipe search, and then picked The Nacional Cocktail as our simple drink for the evening. (It was already 10:30, so I didn’t want anything too involved.)


As it turns out, a combination of white rum, apricot brandy and lime juice is a very nice drink. Tart, brisk, sharp but still sweet — it’s not enough to make us forget the Devils game, but it’s certainly taking a bit of the edge off. What more can you ask of a cocktail?

(Oh, and those lilies in the picture? Yes, it does smell like a funeral parlor in here.)



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2 responses to “Self Medicacion

  1. The smell of lilies makes me angry!!!!! I can smell them from a mile away! They hurt my nose!

    But they are kinda pretty…

    Except then they get all that stamen dust all over everything!!!


  2. Kristin, I bet you can smell these particular lilies all the way across the state line!

    That stamen dust does get everywhere, and for some reason we insist on putting vases of them in areas where there’s lots of food prep. We’re… geniuses.

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