The Object Of My Obsession

I have a problem. A big problem. I have an obsession, and it’s starting to detract from my functionality as a contributing member of society.



This is a picture from my workplace; it’s the view around the side of my building and across the pond out back. At a casual glance it looks like a pretty “March” kind of picture. Bare branches, evergreens, the sunlight at 5:10 p.m. on the Vernal Equinox. Ho hum, whatever. But if you look closer you might see what has been consuming my every minute at the workplace for the last couple of weeks. See it? On the far bank of the pond? That willow tree?

Yeah. The willow tree is basically perfectly framed in my office window when I’m sitting at my desk:


And here’s the thing — I decided about three weeks ago that the willow tree was turning green. It was, like, 60 degrees for a day or two at the beginning of the month and I convinced myself that that tree was was busting out. I told my boss about it. I told him I was going to spend all my time staring at that tree and willing it to leaf out. I began channeling all my psychic energies into forcing the tree to turn green and bring Springtime to my workday landscape. Yesterday my boss stepped out of his office, looked over my shoulder, and said, “It’s not any greener.”

What is he looking at? Dude, that tree is as green now as any tree can be without actually having leaves. Seriously:


It’s crazy green!


Okay, I know. A watched pot never boils. But I can’t help it! Like I said, I’m obsessed.



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5 responses to “The Object Of My Obsession

  1. HG

    I think if you name the tree, it will grow faster.

  2. Sheesh! Why didn’t I think of that? I’m going to have to ruminate on this this weekend… Of course, it’s supposed to be snow flurry-y this weekend, so I don’t think I’m in danger of coming in on Monday and finding the tree, still unnamed, in full leaf.

  3. HG

    Sheesh! Why didn’t I think of that?

    It’s okay. That’s why I’m here to remind you of the little things.

    snow flurry-y

    Yuck! That’s no fun. I looked out this morning and it is blue sky and sunny! I thought, “Wow! I can wear my spring coat!” Then I turned on the news and it’s -11C (12ish F) with a windchill of -21C (-6ish F). Sweet cheese on a cracker! Brrrrr….. I want spring, dammit. I’ve had enough. I think.
    Yes, yes I have.

  4. Man, I’m so envious of your view.

    Really, really envious.

    I like the new header, by the way!

  5. This isn’t even the scenic part of the campus I work on! It really is ridiculously beautiful around here. I’m so lucky.

    And thanks about the header! Pookie cropped the picture for the header a few weeks ago and we’ve been SO antsy for the first day of spring so we could put it up. That’s a scraggly little dogwood tree that’s behind our house. It doesn’t look like much when you’re outside, but the branches are framed perfectly by the windows in each of our bathrooms, so we always find ourselves commenting each Spring that we want to spend all day in our bathrooms, staring at the flowers. I took that picture last Spring, and I think it’s safe to say it’s the nicest photo I’ve ever taken. I’ve peaked as a photographer. :D

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