The “Never In Our Wildest Dreams” Dream Pantry

I’m pretty sure we’ve mentioned in this space before that we’re slobs. I’m also pretty sure that it’s become apparent that we’re people who enjoy having lots of stuff. When we moved into Maple Hoo we thought we were going to be starting a remodel right away, and so the convergence of our fondness for stuff with our slobbishness created a truly horrific “temporary” pantry arrangement that we lived with for two years.

Old Nook

And as terrifying as it looks from a “dysfunctional clutter” standpoint, what that picture doesn’t show is that the door to the patio was opposite that side window, and hanging in the middle of the room, at eye level, was a pointy chandelier. Every single day we’d look at that room (often rubbing our heads where we’d just knocked them on the chandelier) and dream of the time when we’d be able to put all that crap away somewhere nicely.

Of course, we were thinking “cabinets”. We’ve never had a nice pantry. It just seemed like something other people would have in their kitchens that were nicer than anything we could ever imagine having ourselves. When our designer first showed us his plans for the big expansion, which basically removed all kitcheny stuff from the part of the room that was currently housing it, we wondered what was happening to the load-bearing nook-ish area that was the current “heart” of the kitchen. It had a chimney behind it! It couldn’t be messed with!


Our designer’s eyes lit up as he realized he was about to reveal a detail that would put us over the top: he was going to enclose it all and make it into a pantry. Commence swooning.

The construction of the pantry walls was, in my opinion, the most exciting part of the whole remodel. I loved looking into the new space and trying to imagine it as a closet, filled with my neatly-stowed things. And then our designer off-handedly mentioned something that was nearly incomprehensible: five lazy susans. What??? We were thinking, like, wire shelves purchased at Home Depot. Well, it turns out our plans were including some serious built-ins in the pantry, stained to match our cabinetry, to boot. The day the shelves went in, we all nearly died. Seriously, this is a pantry unlike anything I ever thought I would possess.

Behold, the stack of lazy susans!


The wall of totally manageable shelves!


The surprisingly helpful above-head-height top shelf!


The skinny little tier of shelves that is the perfect place for the trays we didn’t have tray dividers built in for!


And finally — finally — a place to put away my string grocery bags!


Yes, those are just 3M hooks, but the point is that the back of the door is there for this job, and this job only.

We haven’t even made any effort yet to organize the pantry. It is so capacious that we haven’t had to. This pantry is just… it just… it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.



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8 responses to “The “Never In Our Wildest Dreams” Dream Pantry

  1. This pantry is just… it just… it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

    I was getting excited too! The above head-height shelf! FIVE LAZY SUSANS! Sigh… I can’t wait for a real kitchen. I can, but I can’t. My food is combined into one cupboard. And since I only have 4 other cupboards, it’s pretty cramped.

  2. My food is combined into one cupboard. And since I only have 4 other cupboards, it’s pretty cramped.

    Ugh. I’ve been there. Not too long ago, either. NEVER FORGET! You’ll have a real kitchen before much longer, and then you’ll luxuriate in all that space, and laugh and laugh. Right? Right?

  3. Right. NBL. NBL. NBL.

  4. Iain

    *burning with envy*


  5. Hee! Thanks, Iain. And this is our second-to-last post about the kitchen, so we totally won’t be rubbing our awesome kitchen in your face anymore. :P (I can’t help but brag about it, though…)

  6. Lazy susans are awesome! I can’t imagine a pantry like that. My tall skinny vintage cabinet seems like a huge pantry compared to the 1/4 of a section of cabinets that I used to have, but it’s a tenth the size of yours. (Sorry for all the math.)

    I have a corner cabinet with a pair of lazy susans (with a corner wedge out of them) and I am still amazed at how much I can get in there. It was totally wasted space before.

  7. Math is hard! :P

    Lazy susans are totally the greatest thing ever. We had a corner cabinet in the old kitchen that didn’t have them, and it was impossible. Once you’ve gone lazy susan, you can never go back. (The stack of them in the pantry is, admittedly, INSANE. I adore them.)

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