I Have Spring Fever

I’m dying for Spring. DYING. So imagine my delight when I discovered I had frozen peas on hand, and could turn my ham-and-eggs brunch into a ham, peas and parmesan frittata? Ham and peas just seem hugely Spring-y to me. Boomer agreed, and decided we had to plate this on our new Easter plates:


As I’m eating this, I am staring out the window and willing the crocuses to come up under our tree out front. It’s not working.



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7 responses to “I Have Spring Fever

  1. HG

    Speaking of new plates, I was in Chapters here (like Barnes & Noble, I think) and they had a table with random stuff on it which I love rifling through. After I wondered at how long the chocolates had been on sale, I spotted a box with 75% off on it. My bargain hunter antennae perked up and my hand grabbed it. Lo and behold, it was 4 dessert plates in a lovely chocolate brown with a white scroll design along one side. I checked the price and did some quick math (which wasn’t really that quick), coming to the realization that they would only be around $6! Yay! Best part? This girl at work, who lasted only a month, had bought me a mug for my birthday (which was a month past, btw [she was cuckoo]) which was from the same line as the plates! Now I have 4 plates and 1 mug that match! Yay! Hee hee… anyway…

  2. HG, that is AWESOME! I am such a sucker for dessert plates on sale. We make a point of hitting the Williams-Sonoma store at our nearest mall at the beginning of August, at the start of their sale, and then again at the end, when they have desperately marked everything down about 90%. (We paid full price for these Easter plates because we’re suckers. But they’re so cute! :D)

  3. Oooh, 75% off pretty dessert plates! Woo-hoo! I LOVE dessert plates! They’re like the dessert of china!

  4. Oh, I should add that the one time we ever did the whole Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) Shopping thing was when a shopaholic friend took us to some big outlet mall in VA. We ended up getting four awesome Williams Sonoma pasta bowls for like… let me do the math… I think W&S actually paid us to get rid of them they were so on sale. The shopping day sucked and was a total hassle but those bowls have served us so well. And that’s… um, well, that’s my story.

    (I just had a rum milkshake. It was tasty.)

  5. HG

    I am starting to love plates. Especially with a new kitchen on the horizon. I think I might have to start picking up nifty plates when I see them. Plain plates really are boring, aren’t they?

    Oh, Pookie… I would have never guessed. :P

  6. I am SO EXCITED for your new kitchen!!!! We looked at the MLS # you had on your blog, and that house? Is so cute! It actually got us all misty-eyed for our first house; they were almost exactly the same, except yours is much, much nicer! I almost feel like I could, perhaps, have commented on your blog about this, couldn’t I? :P (Whichever house you end up with, the kitchen DEFINITELY needs to be filled with nifty plates. When we did our remodel we were like, “Maximize the cabinet space. We want to buy plates with impunity!”)

  7. HG

    Unfortunately that house was a no-go because it had no grass in the backyard, just cobble stones and deck. There is lots to choose from here so we’ll find one eventually.

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