Holy Tomatoes, Batman!

Roughly 24 hours later, the progress on the bounteous bounty is staggering! Look at those puppies go! You can practically see and hear them growing in this still picture!




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13 responses to “Holy Tomatoes, Batman!

  1. HG

    I can practically taste them!

  2. Hee! They needed to be staked this morning because they got so big, and I expect to be making sauce with them tonight. Apparently the irradiation we gave the seeds really works! :P

  3. I’m going to climb them to the giant’s house in the sky. That goose that lays the golden eggs is going to taste so good in a nice tomato-onion sauce!

  4. HG

    What would you scramble golden eggs with? I think maybe… saffron and really old, like I’m talking 50 year old, cheddar. Oh! And gold leaf.

  5. I think there needs to be a bit of caviar thrown in there. And some truffles. Maybe you’d serve a golden-egg scramble on a plate MADE out of truffles and caviar.

  6. HG

    Definitely. Also, champagne to drink. Stardust in the air. Fairies playing harps.

  7. Each dining room chair draped with golden fleece. Platters laden with honeyed dormice and goblets overflowing with manna from heaven (aka Diet Coke).

  8. HG

    Chairs? I thought we would just be floating on the golden fleece.

  9. Dude, I am SO not eating this golden egg scramble if I have to sit in a chair.

  10. HG

    I KNOW! Sheesh. I am expecting to be fed the golden egg scramble too. No way I’m lifting a finger.

  11. I’m expecting to be fed by butterflies with wings made of moonlight. Anything less than that, and I refuse.

  12. Sarah

    That is an amazing close up photograph, you guys! Kudos!

  13. Thanks, Sarah! That means a lot coming from you! :D

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