Houston, We Have Onions

Day Four of the Bounteous Bounty revealed the following signs of bounteousness:

Onion Sprouts

We’ll be eating Maple Hoo Onions before we know it!



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6 responses to “Houston, We Have Onions

  1. HG

    Does this mean you have little bitty onion goggles?

  2. Totally! The big ones are really overkill on these puppies.

  3. :^:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Of course! Little bitty onion goggles are essential!

  4. HG

    I bet your cats love to run around with the little bitty onion goggles on.

  5. The goggles make the cats feel invincible. They get into everything when they have them on. It’s quite a headache for us.

  6. HG

    I also would imagine the cats think they are invisible as well which can only mean disaster.

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