The Bounteous Bounty Begins

Five days ago, Maple Hoo Garden looked like this:


Looking across that imposing blanket of snow (yes, yes, Gentle Reader, we know, all that snow was gone less than 12 hours later) it’s hard to comprehend that in six months, that same space will be a green, leafy, vine-y wonderland. Also hard to believe? That said wonderland will come from this:

Seed packets

The seeds arrived in the mail months ago but it’s only just now turned to that magic time of year: “8 weeks before the last frost”. And here at Maple Hoo that means only one thing — onions. We dedicate one entire 4′ x 8′ bed to onions, which we harvest all at once. Schnookie then spends hours chopping them and into the freezer they go. (Oh yes, the goggles will be there.) The first year of Maple Hoo we grew Riverside yellow onions and Southport Red Globe red onions. Since we don’t use red onions much we opted for Riverside and Newburg yellows this year. With thoughts of piles and piles of chopped and frozen onions dancing in our heads, we set to planting the seeds. (In addition to the onions, we started Habanero and Nardello peppers, and San Marzano and Black Plum paste tomatoes.)

Planting Seeds

Each one of those seeds holds such promise!

More seed planting

Each one is tucked into its new home with love and care.

Action shot!

Action shot! Look at those planting chopsticks fly!

Grow, little seeds, grow!

Grow, little seeds, grow!

Placed carefully in our dining room out of direct sunlight (wha-huh?!) until the seedlings sprout in 10 days or so, the trays quietly incubate the beginnings of what we hope to be Bounteous Bounty ’08, Maple Hoo-style.



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12 responses to “The Bounteous Bounty Begins

  1. HG

    I’m going to work on some planting with my kiddies. Any ideas or suggestions on what will grow well indoors with not a whole lot of light?

    And I can’t wait to get progress reports on your seedlings!

  2. Hm, good question. Boomer (who’s taken Master Gardener classes) suggests ivies.

    As far as the progress report goes, hold on, let me go check them out. Be right back.


    No seedlings yet! :(

  3. Spider plants! Those are easy and don’t need tons of light, plus the little baby plants are fun.

  4. HG

    Do either of ivies or spider plants need lots of water? I’m just thinking since our class is M-Th. And do you suggest starting them in those little peat pots?

  5. I’ve never actually grown an ivy or a spider plant, but I think your best bet would be to go to a nursery and ask for help. I think they would have small baby plants that are already started. The peat pots are only necessary if you’re starting from seeds (and even then potting soil is fine; we just used the peat ones because it’s too cold to go out to the garage to futz with potting soil). Boomer says the easiest mistake to make with houseplants is over-watering so I think the fact that the class is M-Th shouldn’t be a problem.

  6. Boomer just suggested growing potatoes with the kids. Here’s a site with some info on it:


    That would be easy because you could just buy a few spuds from the grocery store!

  7. HG

    Oooo! That sounds like a good idea. I’m going to work that into my lesson plan for April. I know that sound like a long time but we have spring break AND Easter in March.

  8. I can’t wait to hear how it goes, HG!

  9. HG

    I will be documenting it photo-style for you and for the kiddies to make a book to share with their families.

  10. I can’t wait to share that book with my family! :D (I think it’s such a cool project for you to do with them! You’re the bomb.)

  11. HG

    …….ssssssssssssssKABOOM! (You know, the keyboard needs more symbols. How am I supposed to make a bombicon?)

  12. I think “……ssssssssssssssKABOOM!” is a fantastic bombicon. :D

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