This Doesn’t Look Like Real Cornbread To Me

So last night I promised Pookie and Boomer that I would make cornbread to go with leftover chili for dinner. I’d done it before where I added some corn that I’d frozen over the summer and it was scrumptious. This time, though, not so much. I guess I ended up adding too much liquid, and my aromatic, lovely-looking cornbread was revealed to be, after cutting into it, a gooey mess. Pookie and Boomer tried to put on good faces about it, but the disappointment was palpable (Pookie: “No, it’s okay. I had just been looking forward to cornbread all day… but it’s okay.”). To make up for it, I made brownies during the Devils/Senators game. I spent the first intermission measuring everything out and melting the chocolates and butter in my new double boiler (yes, it’s just a silicone bombe mold, but Baker’s Catalog sold it as a double-boiler insert, and it’s awesome).


Then I spent the second intermission whipping everything together and slapping the pan into the oven. So while the cornbread was a soul-crushing failure, it all worked out in the end, because we had delicious brownies to enjoy during Project Runway after the game!




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10 responses to “This Doesn’t Look Like Real Cornbread To Me

  1. Meg

    Those are delicious looking brownies.

  2. HG

    Mmmm… cornbread… mmmm… brownies…

    HR used to make cornbread although she called it something else and I can’t remember right now.

  3. We’re very excited to try more brownies this weekend, but experimenting with various flavor extracts. Coffee-laced brownies? Orange-laced brownies? I’m excited to find out if they taste good!

    HG, that’s a great story about HR’s cornbread. :P

  4. HG

    Thanks! I knew you would like that! I say make mint-laced brownies. Or vanilla. Or… chili flakes.

  5. I used orange extract in place of vanilla, and they turned out OUTRAGEOUSLY good. SO FANTASTIC. (Chili powder would be a good idea, too…)

  6. HG

    Orange would be yummy. My grandma would always buy the Ovation chocolate sticks as a treat and I liked the orange ones. Mmmm… chocolate…

    I remember being at a craft show with HR and the lady with the table beside us made chocolates and candies. She came over with a piece of white chocolate and almonds (almond roca?) and asked us to try it. We did and it had an aftertaste of garlic which was surprisingly yummy. Turns out she had spread the chocolate/almond mixture on the same cookie tray as she had roasted garlic on.

  7. White chocolate, almond, garlic? Interesting!

    The orange brownies were PHENOMENAL. Soooooooo good. I don’t want Schnookie to ever make brownies without orange extract again!

  8. HG

    Can one make white chocolate brownies I wonder? Because those would be good with orange too.

    Ooooo! She should try with raspberry extract!

  9. Ooooh, raspberry would be good! Or even putting some smushed up raspberries in the batter.

  10. HG

    Oooh yes, that would be good too. And then put a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top!

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