Think Smaller… And With More Legs

We don’t ever eat fast food in these here parts, in large part because there is no fast food in these here parts. In its stead, I will often find myself, on a cooking-lazy day, making turkey burgers for dinner. Of course, like the Krusty Burger Ribwich, my turkey burgers are not made with turkey (exclusively). They’re a half-and-half mix of turkey and pork, with whatever seasonings I have on hand. Tonight I went with a pound each of turkey and pork, three minced shallots, two heaping tablespoons of mustard, two tablespoons of chopped fresh sage and about a tablespoon of fresh thyme. Very straightforward. And since it’s something insane like 2 degrees out, I did not grill — this was all griddle, baby.

Now, the fast food-y aspect of turkey burgers for dinner comes largely from the fact that I tend to serve frozen fries with them. I used to be an Ore-Ida girl, just because that was the most present brand at my grocery store, but Boomer recently introduced me to these crazy “Alexia” fries. They have olive-oil-and-sea-salt steak fries, and tonight I also decided to try the steak fries with “garlic and rosemary” seasoning. The seasoned fries were nasty on their own, but outrageously delicious with ketchup.

Oh, and the burgers were served with my homemade burger buns. It’s been a really long time since I last had them, and in that time I’ve developed quite a taste for my grocery store’s kaiser rolls on burger nights. Holy crap, how could I have forgotten how good these homemade buns are? They are so rich and soft and bready and delicious, and go so well with a nice mellow burger and a little smearing of mustard. Scrumptious!



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