Wherein We Get Fancy Drinkin’ — Rum Sangarees

I’ve gotten really lazy lately, and don’t bother looking at any of my cookbooks before doing my weekly grocery run on Monday evenings. Consequently, we are only eating and drinking things I not only have already made, but things I’ve already memorized how to make. Our cocktail intake has suffered as a result. Fortunately, we recently made a Williams-Sonoma run with some Christmas gift cards from Kate The Great, and among countless other knick-knacks and impulse buys, I picked up a few cocktail books. So last weekend I listlessly flipped through the Ultimate Bar Book to find something new and exciting that I could make with what I already had on hand.

Behold, I bring you the Rum Sangaree:


2 oz of dark rum, 1/2 oz Cointreau, 1/2 oz ruby port, stirred in a mixing glass with ice, then strained into a wineglass — delicious! For the sake of aesthetics, I photographed this without ice, but drank it on the rocks. The recipe suggested a sprinkling of nutmeg on top, but I totally didn’t want to bother grating any nutmeg. Life’s too short to grate nutmeg into your cocktails, right? This was fantastically rotund, fruity, smooth and warmly liquor-y; I was concerned Pookie would find it too nail polish removery and would REFUSE on the basis of the port, but as soon as she took a sip, she relaxed into happy little “Leave me alone, I’m nursing my cocktail now” posture on the couch. So even without really trying, I managed yet another successful cocktail.


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