Lemons, As God Intended Them To Be Consumed

Okay, so the regular reader here will recall that we had two little Meyer lemons from our, um, conservatory (read: decrepit sunroom).


So what’s a girl to do with such tiny little homegrown specimens of tart, citrusy goodness? What treatment for these lemons could do satisfactory service to the specialness of lemons grown by our own hands? Why, the cocktail treatment, of course. I decided what a lazy holiday afternoon of hockey really needed was a round of Sidecars, a drink I’ve never actually had before, but which I’ve heard good things about. I consulted my drink reference guides, and came up with two conflicting recipes; one called for cognac and triple sec, and the other suggested brandy and Cointreau. Now, Pookie is not fond of drinks that are, as she puts it, “nail polish remover-y”, so after sampling the cognacs and brandies on hand, I decided to go with the first recipe. So 1 1/2 oz. cognac, 1 oz. triple sec, 1/2 oz. lemon juice later, times three, left me with completely dry, mangled shells of the lemons, so the finished drinks ended up lacking the called-for lemon twist. The traditionalist might be horrified, but we’re just sitting around in front of the TV, so this’ll do:


The final verdict is that we understand now why this drink is so popular and enduring. Pookie found it satisfactorily non-nail polish remover-y, too. They’re smooth, sweet, not at all cloying, and seem extra-wholesome because we basically grew them ourselves. Yeah, that’s right — I’m now going to claim we grew our own Sidecars. It really makes our home garden sound that much cooler.



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3 responses to “Lemons, As God Intended Them To Be Consumed

  1. HG

    See, to me, gin and vermouth are in the category of nail polish remover-y.

    Speaking of nail polish, I recently had a piece of cake that was chocolate, vanilla and strawberry which led me to exclaim, “It tastes like Neopolitan!” Mr.A’s nephew turned to me while laughing his ass off, “It doesn’t taste like nail polish!”

  2. HA! Nail polish cake! That’s awesome!

    I actually love the nail polish remover-y liquors. I loves me the “burning on the way down” feeling. :D

  3. HG

    Oh man! I just remembered something! Sidecars! Paulie Martin! Boxworthy! Dogs!

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