IPB’s Construction Project

We’re slobs. And we have a fancy new kitchen. The kitchen isn’t even really 100% done (I’d put us at about 99% at this point), but already we’ve buried it under piles of slovenly mess. The disorganization and clutter that drives me most batty is our wine storage problem in the pantry; it’s hardly a disaster of epic proportions, but since we periodically go on wine-by-the-case buying sprees, we’ve been in need of a space-planning fix.



So there was a threat that we were going to get a pegboard on that bare wall in the dream pantry (which is the most amazing pantry I could ever have imagined), but I am seriously beginning to doubt that is ever really going to happen. So in place of the pegboard, we decided to put in more of those modular wine rack things. Now, we’re not even remotely handy, so it was very important for us to find a construction project that was no more complex than tinker toys:


After a frenzied hour of whacking at dowels with a rubber mallet (Pookie at one point said, “I feel like I’m playing music with mice”), we ended up with a beautiful new component for our pantry. Check out how organized it is now!


Look at all that floor space we can use for boxes of more wine bottles!

And speaking of boxes, here’s a very satisfying look at how many boxes we were able to chuck, with Rollie providing scale:


It’s so rare we’re productive on lazy Saturdays. It’s such a nice feeling, and maybe as a reward, we should pour a glass of wine now.



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5 responses to “IPB’s Construction Project

  1. HG

    I am a slob too. But I am also very organized. I like to change it up every week or so just to keep myself busy. For example: My kitchen counter right? Clean. I’ve been doing the dishes every night after I eat. My floor in front of the bookshelf? Small pile of gifts from Christmas that is slowly getting put away. If you were organized all the time, life would be el boringo.

  2. If you were organized all the time, life would be el boringo.

    So true. Bueno truthio. Of course, a lot of my enthusiasm for order and organization is rapidly being beat out of me because of my job. I spend 2 hours a week putting the books in the right order at the library only to have them all messed up again within minutes. I have to find a way to convince myself this is a zen thing, not an annoyance. That said, I was very glad to be able to put all the whites on one rack and all the reds on another!

  3. HG

    Of course, a lot of my enthusiasm for order and organization is rapidly being beat out of me because of my job.

    Oh, I hear that. I have to sometimes sit on my hands and just “use my words” to remind my kids at work to put the toys away before they move on to something else. But at least at work, there is some monetary payment coming your way. At home, it’s aesthetically pleasing.

  4. Pam

    what a delightful cat!

  5. Aw, thanks, Pam! Rollie really does think she’s delightful too! :D

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