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While flipping through my Joy of Mixology drink recipe book, I stumbled across a cocktail that was allegedly invented back in the ’30s for a seminal bartending book — the English Rose. We’ve been in a bit of a rut of ginger-beer-and-rum drinks, so I was very excited to try something that the book said was from the “international sour” family. I also had the adorable hockey excuse of wanting to celebrate Paulie Martin’s 100th career point. You see, we’ve been calling Paulie an English Rose since seeing this hilarious, soft-focus Team USA picture of him:


Doesn’t he look like he should be sitting in the middle of some lush British manor house garden in a period romantic movie? Yes. Yes he does. So when he hit that milestone point it was time to knock back his namesake drink in his honor. The cocktail is made up of 2 parts gin, 1 part dry vermouth, 1 part apricot brandy, 1/3 part lemon juice and a splash of grenadine to taste. It’s served in a sugar-rimmed glass, and because we’re weenies, we had ours on the rocks.


Dude, these are so good. So. Good. Tart but still sweet, cold with still that nice bit of that smooth, warm finish, attractively blush, and just totally, completely delicious. Paulie’s not one for showy drinks-inspiring hockey feats of derring-do, so maybe we need to divorce this drink from its role as a PaulieMartinNation celebratory cocktail. Maybe we just need to have it every single day, morning, noon and night. I’m pretty sure Paulie does.



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9 responses to “PaulieMartinNation Drinks

  1. HG

    I am equally scared of gin, vermouth and soft-focus pictures.

  2. Don’t be frightened! They’re all your friend! (I would be lying if I said I wasn’t also afraid of the gin and vermouth beforehand. This drink was such a revelation!)

  3. HG

    Hmmmm… I don’t know…

  4. HG I was very scared of this drink because I was scared of gin and vermouth. Moreover, I don’t like apricots or brandy. But you know what? I loved this drink.

  5. HG

    Still… Maybe I’ll just have to try it. Did you know what was in it before you sipped? Or did you know and shoot it back thus numbing yourself for further drinks, tricking your tastebuds into thinking it was fruit punch?

  6. I knew exactly what was in it, but agreed to try it. It was pretty funny, actually, because Boomer tried it first and said it was not great. So I tried it thinking it would suck while being backed up in my assumption but discovered with the first sip that it was awesome. It tasted like the best fruit punch ever!

    (I will still contend that I don’t like apricots or brandy.)

  7. HG

    That sounds kinda like a reverse situation in which HR and I went for our first tattoos together – she went before me and assured me it didn’t hurt much… um… LIES! My turn? All I can remember is sobbing and the guy squeezing my leg and asking if I was okay. Apparently I was (and HR wasn’t traumatized by seeing me cry) because we’ve both had more done. I don’t know if that makes sense now but it did when I started the story, dammit.

  8. HG, I can’t BELIEVE HR would be so cruel! But I’m glad you had such a, um, wonderful mother-daughter bonding experience. :P (Actually, I love that you went out for a mother-daughter tattoo outing.)

  9. HG

    I KNOW! (Me too.)

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