The 12 Days of Christmas — 70’s Style

It’s been mentioned here that Stately IPB Manor’s favoritest Christmas decoration is Boomer’s 12 Days of Christmas wall hangings. Before either Schnookie or I was born, Boomer worked with her mother to make this felt/bead/sequin masterpiece:


Each day of Christmas has it’s own felted oval, strung on four length of ribbon. My earliest memories of this are from when they hung in our house on Long Island, when I was six or so. They were always hung in the dining room, the only decoration we were allowed to put up before Christmas Eve. Fortunately they could hold all our attention until the 24th; all of Advent could be spent discussing with Schnookie whether the coolest element of it was the brown bugle beads on the three French Hens, or the ruffled collar on the ten lords a-leaping, or the gold braid on the four calling birds, or the little pearly beads in the centers of the flower by the eight maids a milking.


We bemoan how terrible Stately IPB Manor is for the Christmas tree — the natural spot for it is taken up by a couch so it gets plunked into the corner where we’ll see it the most, but also where it looks the most ridiculous — but this fact is well off-set by how perfect the bow window in the living room is for displaying the 12 Days. No, it’s not the traditional dining room placement, but this way we can relive our youth and spend every day wondering which felt scene is our favorite. We are eternally grateful for Boomer and Boomer’s mother for making such a well-loved heirloom for our most loved season!



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9 responses to “The 12 Days of Christmas — 70’s Style

  1. HG

    I can’t wait to get home and finally show the highlight of my Christmas to you! Soooooooon. Only 1.5 days left of work! My flight leaves on Sunday! I’m happy and sad.

  2. Why also sad? It sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful time — I can’t wait to see the highlight of your Christmas, too! (Sunday’s practically tomorrow. Give or take a few days. :P) Oh, and how was the Holiday concert?

  3. Don’t be sad, it’s Christmastime! I can’t wait to see the highly anticipated highlight of Christmas!

  4. HG

    Sad because I’ll be away from Mr.A for 10 days. I know, I know… cheesy peasy. Only 0.5 days of work left!

    The holiday concert was bananas on the Thursday night and fantastic on Friday night. My 4 year olds did a wonderful job with their snowman song. I can’t wait for pictures from it.

  5. BAAAARRRRRRFFFFF! You’re SO cheesy, HG!

    I’m glad the concert was both bananas and fantastic! That’s the best kind of concert to have!

  6. HG

    I LOVE being cheesy. So cheesy that I love cheese and ordered a pizza with TWO cheeses on it.

    Fantastically bananical, I say.

  7. Perhaps even banantastic?

  8. HG

    You know what is banantastic (why do I feel like we’ve had this conversation before?) today? NO MORE WORK UNTIL JANUARY.

  9. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Congrats on making it through 2007!!!

    (I honestly think we’ve been over the banantastic thing before, too. We should do a better job of archiving our conversations…)

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