Holiday Cheer with Stitches Part 2

Immediately after publishing the first post about my Christmas stitching I commented on how lovely our mantel looked with it’s advent caledars, creche and Christmas bear. “Heeeeey, wait!” I cried, “I stitched that Christmas bear!” So here’s what I forgot on my previous post:


This was done up as a model in my favorite stitching shop, and in person, it’s just about the cutest thing ever. “Cute” is not usually a trait I look for in my needlework, but look at the bear’s face:


How was I supposed to not make this? It has a sparkly green garland! And little red beaded holly! And it has fuzzy threads!

Truth be told, the specialty threads and beads are a pain, but the finished product is a delightful addition to our holiday mantlescape.


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8 responses to “Holiday Cheer with Stitches Part 2

  1. Wow.. you… wow. You made that? Wow.

  2. Mags, I just reported your comment back to Pookie (who’s making up some cookie dough right now) and she said really dryly, “Well, I didn’t do the finishing. If you take the finishing away, it’s a pretty bobo project.” But don’t let it get around! She likes people thinking she’s a total badass. :D

  3. HG

    Okay. Hang on a second. POOKIE IS MAKING COOKIE DOUGH? Oh wait… she does the odd thing in the kitchen, huh? Hee hee…

    That bear is cute. How does the fuzzy thread frustrate you like metallic floss and me?

  4. Pookie has to make cookie dough if she wants cookies because Schnookie never does!

    Seriously, though, I have to bring cookies to work this week so I figured now was as good a time as any to make the first batch of Grandma IPB’s famous spice cookies.

    The fuzzy thread wasn’t so bad, actually, but the sparkly stuff was like metallic floss — but flat and wide. NIGHT. MARE. But worth it, just like the metallic thread was worth it for you!

  5. HG

    That reminds me – I need to make my annual batch of raisin cookies. Those are the epitome of Christmas for me. I think I shall make a batch this week so I can eat them here and then one when I go home.

    I was up at 8 this morning to make HR’s tried and true crab dip for Mr.A’s sister’s baby shower. In a few hours, I will be making biscuits as well and I think I shall use my nice round cookie cutter to make them presentable instead of blobs. Either way, they taste good.

  6. Sounds tasty, HG! Speaking of blogs, wait until you see the spice cookies (I’m baking some today and will take some pictures). They’re the ugliest shaped cookies ever, but that’s part of their charm. Or something.

  7. HG

    Speaking of blogs, wait until you see the spice cookies

    Erm.. Did you mean “blobs”? Unless there is a blog devoted to spice cookies (which, come to think of it, there probably is).

    I’m looking forward to seeing them. I will put up pics of my raisin cookies once I buy more raisins.

  8. Erm.. Did you mean “blobs”?

    Yes I did, it jsut didn’t seem worth editing the comment. Sorry!

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