IPB Overindulges

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving leftovers!

So… much… food…

The IPB Family traditional day-after-Thanksgiving dinner is hot open-faced sandwiches. This year I made some whole wheat bread (it was a kind of goofy recipe, and not the world’s most delicious on its own, but it was more than serviceable groaning under the weight of the starchy leftovers), which got toasted and served to hold up a layer of reheated mashed potatoes, a heaping tower of room temperaturized (and totally food safe) stuffing, and a couple of dollops of reheated gravy with shredded turkey mixed in. With some reheated sweet potatoes (mine have some maple in them) on the side, it was a mountain of perfection.



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5 responses to “IPB Overindulges

  1. HG

    Seeing this makes me excited about having turkey at home for Christmas. Ever since I started eating meat and the couple bites of chocolate, I no longer feel like something is missing in my life. I also feel full. :P

  2. While I totally understand the health and ecological benefits of not eating meat, it’s something I could never do, because I’d TOTALLY feel like something is missing from my life! I admire people who are disciplined enough to make that choice, but a life without hot open-face turkey sandwiches is one I don’t think I can live. :D

  3. HG

    My new motto is “moderation.” I had a Hawaiian pizza last night from Pizza Hut and it was bites of cheesy goodness. I really did miss meat. I still can’t do a lot of it but I’m slowly adding it in.

  4. Moderation is for losers! (Just kidding — I’m so impressed with your maturity. If I were in your shoes I’d probably gorge myself on meat/chocolate and end up in the hospital or something, vowing to never touch the stuff ever again. I like your approach much more. :D)

  5. HG

    I had declared that I would just have tasty, expensive chocolates and today I tested that theory by having a mint nanaimo bar. Ugh… It was not good. Instant regret so I’m sticking to the lovely bites of heaven.

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