Cinnamon Buns Mean Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

Last week Boomer was out of town, so Pookie and I slummed it, eating frozen pizza literally four nights in a row. By the time this weekend rolled around, I was ready to cook for reals, and I had the added encouragement of a house guest. Now, CapsChick is a good friend, and someone I really shouldn’t have felt compelled to show off for (especially considering we spent the entire weekend in pajamas watching hockey on TV), but I couldn’t help it. The urge to make cinnamon buns was just too strong.

A Healthy Way To Start Your Day

I used the recipe from “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice”, and it was simple and clean. The dough was buttery and a bit chewy (kind of donuty, actually), and afforded me the chance to play with my new lemon extract. I had some trouble with my first proof on Friday night, since the kitchen was cold, but once Pookie and Boomer talked me into moving the dough-rising bucket next to the blazing-hot lamp in the back of our living room, things were back on track. I’d planned on trying out refrigerating the dough overnight, and was totally freaked out by that, so imagine my delight to discover instructions in the recipe for doing just that! After a few hours of proofing the rolled and cut buns on Saturday morning, the buns baked up gorgeously. Then the recipe for the glaze gave me a chance to play with my orange extract, which was almost more excitement than I could handle. The end result was rich, succulent cinnamon buns with a fresh, citrusy zing that didn’t overpower the sugary, cinnamony, buttery goodness of the breadmeats. I’m not really even someone who likes cinnamon buns that much, but I loved these.



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10 responses to “Cinnamon Buns Mean Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

  1. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to enjoy those! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  2. Meg

    Those look absolutely fantastic.

  3. Katebits, apology accepted!

    And thanks — Pookie took a very flattering portrait of these, I think. Normally when I take pictures of the foodstuffs they turn out nasty-looking, but Pookie’s quite the food stylist.

  4. HG

    Maaaaaaaannnnnnnnn…………….. Those look like they are definitely worth the walk. One day I’ll lace up my shoes and head out the door.

  5. Oh, they weren’t THAT good, HG. We’ll have to bring some up to Ottawa this spring for you, though. I’m hoping to make croissants soon, and I’m optimistic they’ll be worth the walk!

  6. HG

    Like a care package from Maple Hoo! And I will take you to all the good eateries here.

  7. HG

    Whoo! I was going to say, “Let’s put that in writing!” but uh… I guess it already is. :D

  8. Yes, it’s amazing how legally binding blog comments are. International lawmakers were very quick to get on that.

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