The Ducks

In a previous post I alluded to a piece of needlework that Boomer had done on silk gauze. Photos were requested, so here they are! This piece, which we refer to reverently as simply “The Ducks”, was designed by Eva Rosenstad; while it’s certainly most rustic than our decorating style generally is, it’s always hung in a place of honor. I’m not sure what possessed Boomer to stitch it in miniature on gauze, but because she did, it’s forever the standard for stitching excellence for us.


You can see in this detail shot how intricate the design is, and what a magnificent job Boomer did with her work:


This next shot shows some scale — that’s right, there are forty tiny stitches for every inch of gauze.


Boomer entered this in the LA County Fair sometime in the early 70’s and won Best in Show. Museum quality work, indeed. I’ve done one tiny piece on silk gauze (an adorable farm scene that was about 2″ by 3″, tops) and am slightly tempted to do something larger. Chances are I’ll never do it, though, just because I know it won’t top “The Ducks”.



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12 responses to “The Ducks

  1. Holy crap! That shot with the rule in it gives me a headache. Amazing work, Boomer.

  2. Sometimes when I’m working on linen in that scale I’ll think, “Oh my gosh, I must be suffering from some ‘House’-esque disease! All of a sudden I have a headache and my eyes are spazzing! Oh, wait, it’s just the stitching!”

    Boomer says thanks for the compliment!

  3. HG

    Wow! Boomer! That’s awesome! I bet you figured out a lot of your swearing repertoire while stitching those itty bitty squares.

  4. HG, I just read your comment to Boomer, and she cracked up. Pookie said on her behalf, “Damn straight!” (Actually, apparently she stitched that when we were all little bairns, and she’d work on it while we were gamboling in the backyard under her “watchful” eye. So she asks if we’re the itty bitty squares you’re talking about.)

  5. HG

    I just figured she would somehow throw her needle at you, ninja star style, and it would come winging back, boomer-ang style hence the moniker.

  6. Can you hear the groaning about that pun all the way from up there, HG? Because we’re all really groaning! :P

  7. HG

    So that’s what that was! I thought it was a new sound from my fridge! You know, in addition to the gunshot one it already makes. :P

  8. Your fridge is shooting at you? You should really have someone look at that…

  9. HG

    I know! It’s the strangest thing. I’ll be sitting here on the wonder couch, minding my own beeswax when all of a sudden BAM! Out of nowhere comes an apple or a squirt of mustard! It’s really making a mess. I think I should cover the couch in plastic.

  10. Time to eating only soft, gentle food that doesn’t stain. Or food tht doesn’t require refrigeration.

  11. HG

    Or just white food.

  12. Just white food is a great idea. I mean, you do have Scandinavian ancestry, so it should come naturally for you.

    Although covering the wonder couch in plastic also works. That sounds comfy!

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