IPB Toasts

We are champagne/prosecco/sparkling wine gals here at IPB Manor. If a drink has fruit and one of those three beverages mixed together, we’re happy people. Our Christmas morning tradition is to have mimosas while opening presents, and we could spend all summer sitting back and guzzling prosecco lemonades. So when the Devils season opener rolled around, we decided a straight-up champagne toast would never do. Instead, we opted for Black Velvets.

Black Velvets

It’s safe to say that I no longer want mimosas with my Christmas presents. I want Black Velvets. Now, champagne, as we all know, is good. So is Guinness. But when you combine the two? The whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts. Holy crap, but these were good. Rich, smooth, filling your entire palette, with soft, rounded edges. Just. So. Good. Too bad the Devils didn’t pick up any inspiration from them.



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8 responses to “IPB Toasts

  1. HG

    So you’re telling me that’s Guinness and champagne together? For real? Seriously? In what proportion? I MUST KNOW. Maybe I’ll order one tonight.

  2. It’s half and half, topping the Guinness with the champagne. It’s super simple and SO GOOD! Where are you going out tonight? I am operating under the assumption that a bartender worth her salt would know how to make a Black Velvet just by name, but I might be making that up…

  3. wow! I’m not a Guinness fan because I think it’s too thick for my liking, but I’m very interested to find out how it tastes with champagne…

  4. I’m actually not terribly fond of drinking Guinness on its own, either — I agree with you, kms2. It’s just kind of… too much. But champagne is SO the best way to cut it!

  5. HG

    We just went out to a pub. I ended up drinking tea. Exciting, I know, but it was the first day of normalcy after ye olde flue.

  6. Tea is nice. It’s not… you know… a black velvet, but it’s nice! Just kidding. I hope you’re feeling better!

  7. Sarah

    It hurts me to think of delicious delicious champagne tainted by Guinness! (Maybe it hurt the Devils, too…)

  8. andrew

    Be careful if you order a Black Velvet in a bar though. It seems that most bartenders (unless they’re in-the-know) will pour you a Guinness and cider. It is equally as good, but if you want the champagne version, definitely specify!

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