Leftovers Lunch

I told myself I was going to eat nothing but vegetables while on my “recovery vacation” these two weeks. I lied.


We had a tasty, tasty pork roast for dinner last night, and we have about 250 pounds of potatoes from the farm, so I couldn’t resist. I finely diced a few potates and some of the pork, and then fried them with a liberal seasoning of fresh ground black pepper and some salt, as well as some fresh minced sage. It might not be the wilted spinach I was banking on today, but that was one tasty hash!



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8 responses to “Leftovers Lunch

  1. It really was! I’m sure this is the kind of meal that did my gall bladder in… but that won’t stop me from eating more like it!

  2. Iain

    I think you should take a holiday.

    To Scotland.

    And then maybe spend some of the time cooking for my flatmate and me.

  3. Iain, this post is overlooking that I have eaten frozen pizza almost every other meal during my little recovery vacation. There’s a reason I haven’t been posting here in a while! I’ve been eating out of my garbage can! :D

  4. I wonder if I could pull that off with some veggie alternative for pork roast…

    I smell a food experiment coming on.

  5. I would imagine any veggies that taste good together would make for some very exciting hash! You’ll have to let me know how your experiments turn out, Mags — I look forward to hearing about it! (It’s a good time of year for this; I love butternut squash in any permutation, and I think hash would be a good place for it.)

  6. Sarah

    Nothing but veg during recovery? Nonsense! No one could get better on that. Glad you thought better of it, that looks like a tasty hash. Besides, aren’t there healing properties in bacon and pork? Please say yes.

  7. There are more healing properties in bacon and pork than there are in bananas, pomegranates and green tea combined! You’re so right!

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