4 responses to “Oven-Roasting On A Whim

  1. I read or heard somewhere that a food mill is one of the most useful kitchen appliances. What do you think? I always try to make tomato sauce and it always comes out so bland. I guess I should probably look for a recipe and use the correct ingredients. Fresh tomatoes would probably help, too. Your pasta dish sounds very scrumptious. I’m too lazy to cook so I had a bowl of cereal and will soon have my second bowl…I’m the lame one.

  2. When I do use my food mill, I love it. I just don’t use it very often! There really isn’t anything else, though, that you can substitute for a food mill, so if you have a need for it, you’re kind of stuck if you haven’t got one around. But I really only ever use it for tomato sauce, which I make a lot this time of year because of my farm share. (I used to use it to make mashed potatoes, but finally turned to my ricer because it was easier to clean up.) My sauces generally turn out pretty bland too, by the way. I use just tomatoes, roasted garlic, fresh basil, salt and pepper. I then fill my freezer with boatloads of it, and it’s a nice, fresh, summery treat in the winter. I get really, really, really nice tomatoes, though. They could probably just be used plain.

    When I am really, truly being lame, I make DiGiorno. We literally eat it every single week (on Friday nights), and sometimes twice a week. That involves putting a frozen pizza in the oven, while cereal involves combining the cereal with some milk. I think you’re less lame than me by virtue of number of ingredients! :P

  3. Well…I almost heated up some Wolfgang Puck Minestrone Soup (which I absolutely love but only buy on sale because it’s kind of expensive considering it’s just soup) but realized I was actually craving some milk. So I guess I beat you by a bowl of milk ;)

    I’m temtpted to get a food mill just so I can make tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes. One of these days…maybe when I live in a place with a kitchen with lots of counter space and storage!

  4. I am very impressed that the cereal choice was made based on what you were craving, not on just sheer laziness. And to have eschewed Wolfgang — nicely done! (The prepared/canned foodstuff I splurge on is Rao’s vodka sauce [I eat a lot of pasta. I think I single-handedly kept the industry afloat during the height of the Atkins phase], which is insanely expensive for a jar of spaghetti sauce and should only be bought on sale…)

    Food mills are annoying because they take up a lot of room in a kitchen. I say, skip it until you KNOW you need it, or have an empty space in a cabinet that you just can’t think of what to fill it with. :D (Someone should make a kitchen-utensil rental system. So people can rent, like, espresso machines or food mills or other limited-use, large items that most of us don’t have room for.)

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