So what’s a girl to do with three-day-old challah?

Why, make chocolate paninis of course!



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8 responses to “Leftovers!

  1. Those sound SO good! I’m craving chocolate right now for some reason :P I really want to get my hands on one of those little panini grilling press things (that’s the technical term, you know). I think soon my kitchen is going to be too small for all this stuff I want in it. Why are the only plugs on the counter that’s only about two feet long before it turns into sink!?

  2. Chocolate paninis?! Sweet merciful heavens! I want to eat those right now please.

  3. HG

    With my challah (or twisted egg bread) last night, I toasted/defrosted two pieces in the oven, slathered on some peanut butter and sliced one of my full sour dill pickles for a taste sensation I haven’t had in… oh… twenty or so years. YUM!

  4. Steph, I would never have gotten my little panini grilling press thing (and you’re right — it said that on the box :P) but for the fact that I’m a secretary, and every Christmas I get a generous gift card to Williams-Sonoma from the people I support. So every year I have to figure out what ridiculous, specific-use machine I want to buy. That’s how I’ve gotten my mitts on a deep-fat fryer, a copper hot chocolate pot and this bad boy. And I totally didn’t have enough room in our old kitchen, but now? Now we’re like, “We need more gadgets!” (I think you need to have a stern talk with the person who designed your kitchen. That outlet placement seems to be severely lacking!)

    Katebits, these were okay, but they’re a much superior dessert when you make them on croissants instead of challah. (The chocolate I used was Callebault [sp?] chips; they’re not as dark or rich as I would have liked, so the paninis ended up being a bit one-dimensional. Croissants would have made them richer, and I probably should have sprinkled some sea salt in with the choco chips to liven them up a bit. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to make these again some time!)

    HG, are you sure you’re not pregnant? :P Peanut butter and sour dill pickles on twisted egg bread (or challah)??? You’re mad! Mad, I tells ya!

  5. My dad used to get a random catalog full of mostly useless stuff every Christmas from some company he worked with, and then we got to pick one thing out of it as a free gift from said company. Unfortunately, he usually finds some dumb sort of golf or office supply sort of thing – but one year I did manage to get an espresso machine out of it! Perhaps I should look into seeing if it has any panini grilling press things this year :P

    And it really is! Apparently apartments made for college students do not count on the fact that espresso machine + coffee maker + bean grinder has already taken up the whole counter. Where is my toaster supposed to go!? My electric frying pan? My blender! My food processor! My inexplicably obtained mini fondue thing! Where!?

  6. HG

    I’m sure. I have an earache though. Does that constitute cravings?

  7. Earaches are, actually, the second-most common cause of food cravings, after pregnancy, so you’re probably right. :P (Oh, and I hope your ear feels better. Rub some sour pickles on it and you’ll be fine.)

    Steph, a life without a spot for your mini fondue thing is not a life worth living! (I love that you have a mini fondue thing.)

  8. slathered on some peanut butter and sliced one of my full sour dill pickles
    WOW! I’ve never heard of that one!! I absolutely love pickles (as long as they’re not sweet, ewww!) but I’m not sure I could pair it with peanut butter…but maybe one day I’ll try it.

    Those grill marks are outstanding!!

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