IPB [Hearts] Crosby

In honor of the last non-sports weekend of 2007, and belatedly in honor of Sid’s birthday, and inspired by Sid’s clothing line, we bring you… the I [Heart] Crosby cake! This was Pookie’s brainchild, as she was most eager to see how the kitchen could handle cake baking. We made the Cook’s Illustrated devil’s food cake, both because we think any cake that isn’t chocolate is generally a waste, and also because, duh — Devils. Sid would surely approve. If he ever ate cake. At any rate, Pookie took care of all the heavy lifting, creaming the butter and sugar and then combining everything in stages as I just melted the unsweetened chocolate and cocoa into boiling water and then “supervised”. Pookie was the driving creative force here, and she decided a cake for Sid, at this point, simply has to be pink and say “I [heart] Crosby”. So I made a Swiss buttercream frosting, and Pookie ably turned it into a properly girly pink; for the sake of contrast we opted to go blue with the writing. My piping skills are… not so good. But the point is well enough expressed — we were actually quite delighted with the amateurish outcome. Let’s see a bakery make a cake that looks quite so much like the decorators were, as we were tonight, lightly toasted! As for the taste, this is a home run. The cake has a no-nonsense chocolate flavor, not at all cloying and not showily over-rich. The crumb is silky smooth, and it’s perfectly dense. The frosting is light, buttery and just sweet enough to match the cake well. And aesthetically, it really can’t be beat.



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5 responses to “IPB [Hearts] Crosby

  1. HG

    Wow. I’m going to have to make a cake for Dion. Well, he can bake it but you know what I mean.

  2. Dion won’t be happy until you bake him a cake. He’s going to sit in his cage, crying lava tears, wondering why no one loves him…

  3. HG

    His lava tears are magic.

  4. HG

    Apparently the Crosby cake killed the -ookies… DION! Use your powers and find the -ookies!

  5. We’re here! We’re here! The Crosby cake did NOT kill us. Sid’s a force of good, not evil!

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