Adventures in Baking With Pookie

I used to enjoy baking cookies occasionally, maybe three or four times a year. Since the new kitchen, though, I feel like making cookies all the time. My new favorite recipe is Mexican Chocolate Cookies, a recipe Schnookie found online. A few years ago she had a recipe for Chocolate Pepper Snaps that were one of my favorites, but the cookbook was lost in a move. This recipe sounded like it had possibilities, so a week or so ago we gave it a shot. The result? Well, there were good enough I made them again last night!
Mexican Chocolate Cookies
These cookies could not be easier to make (provided you hang on to the parchment paper on the tray when putting them in the oven; if you don’t, hypothetically, the cookies could all go flying into the bottom of the brand new, piping hot oven. At least, that’s what I’ve heard could happen), and taste phenomenal. They have cinnamon, cayenne and black pepper, giving them a very interesting and engaging flavor. The spices don’t overpower the rich and satisfying cocoa flavor, making these a nice, substantial snap. If you don’t like your cookies too sweet, these are the cookies for you.

My favorite thing about this particular baking adventure? Surprisingly, it wasn’t the frantically snatching the cookie dough blobs from the bottom of the oven (again, hypothetically this could happen…), but instead was the joy I got every time I walked into the new kitchen to retrieve cookies from the oven. There’s a giant mullioned window over the sink, and somehow this window manages to convey everything I love about my life here at IPB Manor. I always scoff at people on HGTV who say getting a new kitchen will make them want to cook more, but I’m beginning to think that just might be what’s going on here. If you don’t see any further Adventures in Baking with Pookie, just assume it’s for some other reason than I got blase about the new space!



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22 responses to “Adventures in Baking With Pookie

  1. I wish I had read this post before I left work and stopped at the store! And the photo from the blog shows it sandwiching ice cream!!! I knew I should have bought some butter…Oh, and guess what I’m drinking… Shiner Bock!

  2. Shiner Bock! Yay! (Our beer snob friends here are like, “I’ve never drunk that, but isn’t it some cheap-o beer?” No! It’s Shiner Bock!)

  3. Mmmmm Shiner Bock… I miss it. That’s one of like 3 things I miss about living in AZ. Shiner Bock and Fat Tire Ale are two of them!

    Now that I think about it, these cookies would make excellent ice cream sandwiches!

  4. I know, Pookie — these cookies and some coffee ice cream would be madness! Or a nice bean-y vanilla. Or, if you wanted the world to explode, chocolate-habanero gelato…

  5. HG

    So, tell us Pookie, how easy is it to clean your shiny new oven (hypothetically speaking of course)? :P

  6. Well, if I had dropped cookies in the oven, I might have immediately gotten tongs and picked them all out before it got too messy! I even — I mean, I maybe even — wiped it down with a wet paper towel with the tongs. It made cool steaming noises. It was very fun, actually. I recommend it!

  7. HG

    You mean you think the wet paper towel would make those noises, right? RIGHT?

  8. Right! Of course! I mean, only an idiot would drop cookies into a hot oven!

  9. HG

    Sheesh. That’s what I thought. :D I’m glad to know that you have thought out a rescue plan for the wayward jumpers, just in case they decide to, you know, jump.

  10. Oh, and it should be mentioned, just in case this were to happen, that this dough is frozen and sliced, so this hypothetical cookie mass suicide is, hypothetically, not as messy as a drop-cookie suicide would be. Hypothetically.

  11. I think, also, if I’d dropped my special bananas flambe cookies in the oven, that might have been worse too. I mean, this didn’t result in a flaming ball o’ cookie dough destruction.

  12. HG

    Can you share that special bananas flambe cookie recipe? Can you? Huh?

  13. That wouldn’t make it “special” anymore, would it?

  14. Banana Flambe Cookies

    2 1/2 cups flour
    1 tsp baking soda
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/2 cream of tartar
    1 cup white sugar
    3/4 brown sugar
    12 tbl butter
    3 eggs
    8 whole bananas
    3 shots flammable liquor

    1. Comine dry ingredients.
    2. Cream butter and eggs.
    3. Notice recipe calls for bananas.
    4. Retch.
    5. Toss all ingredients and go out for ice cream.

  15. HG

    Hilarious. It was the perfect reading material with my peanut butter toast with a side of banana. Good thing I didn’t have a banana :^:::::::: incident.

  16. Any banana incident is a bad one, but a banana :^:::::: would be among the worst of all.

  17. HG

    I think a banana :^:::::: would have hurt less than a peanut butter toast one though.

  18. Hm. That might be true, except the banana :^:::::ing would leave banana residue in your nasal passages for hours afterwards, which means everything would reek of banana. And that’s a terrible, terrible thing to contemplate.

  19. HG

    Then I should be glad that I had smooth pb as opposed to crunchy?

  20. Oh, you should NEVER eat the crunchy kind! That stuff is highly dangerous!

  21. Oh, you should NEVER eat the crunchy kind! That stuff is highly dangerous!

    If you eat too much of it, you turn into a spats-wearing schnauzer.

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