Six Million Dollar Lemonade

When buying the prosecco for the Bellinis, the gentleman at the wine store gave us a delightful run-down of the wine itself in his comically attractive French accent. When he finished we all nodded and said, “Great! We’ll take it!” It was only then that the wine guy said, flashing a comically attractive eye-sparkling grin, “Oh, I should probably tell you how much it costs, right?” Schnookie announced it was probably six million dollars per bottle. Turns out it was only $15, so we took two bottles, not quite sure what to do with the second bottle. Always the problem solver, Schnookie decided to use it to make 6 Million Dollar Lemonade. She whipped up a batch of fresh lemonade and then poured the prosecco over it. The result? Pure bliss. If juice boxes should taste like Rhode Island Reds, those super expensive bottles of sparkling European lemonade should taste like this. Crisp, sweet, bubbly and with that promise of my beloved champagne buzz. (We’ve established that I was born at the wrong time, and should have been some wealthy, ditzy heiress in 1860’s Vienna, drinking champagne with breakfast, lunch and dinner.) The glasses were ones we purchased months and months ago, with the stipulation that they would not be used until the kitchen was ready to go. So this drink looks and tastes like a celebration!



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7 responses to “Six Million Dollar Lemonade

  1. HG

    Whoo! I raise, um, my butterfly mug that was handpainted by HR’s mom in honour of the new kitchen! Mind you, my mug has plain, extra pulp orange juice in it… Oh so sad…

  2. Our kitchen is just preening for having received such a heartfelt toast! It’s honored.

  3. You know what’s even better? Prosecco by itself. It tastes like juice but with as much alcohol as wine!! I’m always amazed by how few people know about it so I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Prosecco is like nature’s candy. Nature’s drinkable candy!

  5. HG

    Obviously in addition to rebuilding my spices, I am going to have to build a liquor cupboard.

  6. Our liquor cabinet expansion this summer has been vast and wonderful. It was my big birthday present — that Boomer said she’d outfit Maple Hoo’s booze as I saw fit while being the resident bartender.

  7. HG

    If only Boomer commented – I’d give her the “Hey, what’s up” head nod with a nice smile… :)

    That’s awesome though. I have zero spirits in the place. First up – wine; then beer and tequila and onwards from there.

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