Peachy’s Crop: In Memoriam


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Today was one of those picture-perfect summer days, sunny, dry, hot but not scorching… It almost made me not hate the season as a whole, but the absence of hockey on television quickly reminded us why summer sucks. However, I will grudgingly give summer that it’s got peaches, and even though squirrels ate the entire first-ever crop from our very own peach tree (seriously, there were at least 15 fruits on that tree, and we didn’t even think to take a picture of it. Oh well. It gives us something to look forward to in next year’s off-season…), we still have the local orchard. So, going by a recipe in one of the bartending recipe books I got for my birthday, I made bellinis after a lovely picnic lunch in Princeton. The recipe called for a heap of peach puree topped with prosecco, and specified that the puree should be made with peaches (flesh and skin), ice cubes and lemon juice. I had no lemons, so I substituted limoncello (they’re interchangeable, right?), and ended up with an extravagantly unsightly mess. After much spilling, fizzing over and vigorous stirring, something resembling a cocktail was produced. And you know what? It’s pretty damn good. The peaches were surprisingly bitter, so next time if they’re equally not-tasty I might splash some simple syrup into the puree, and while the skins certain enhance the flowery flavor of the drink, they leave a bit, visually and texturally, to be desired, so I might peel the peaches next time too. But that’s kind of the key here: there will be a next time. Yum!



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6 responses to “Peachy’s Crop: In Memoriam

  1. HG

    1. Part of winging it in the kitchen is finding out whether ingredients are interchangeable.

    2. Yay for next time! I’m there!

  2. Right! I was winging it! (And I was also operating under the assumption that any cocktail is better with some limoncello…)

    I can’t even imagine all the cocktails I plan to make when we get together. We should probably just have our first big face-to-face in the emergency room, so there can be medical professionals on hand for all our stomach-pumping needs!

  3. HG

    Do you make your own limoncello? I once saw Giada DeLaurentis make it and have aspired to ever since.

  4. Oh, Boomer cut an article out of the Wall Street Journal about that earlier this summer, and I totally meant to do it. I think it was one of those things where I figured, “I’ll do it when we have the kitchen ready…” and then forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder! It seems like a really fun thing a) to make, and b) to be able to say you made, you know?

  5. Sarah

    oooh, what beautiful glasses your drinks are in! New?

  6. Thanks, Sarah! They’re the champagne flutes we got last Fall, just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They all have different little leaf motifs on them, and while they’re incredibly fragile, tippy, and difficult to clean, we’re so vain about having cool-looking glasses that we don’t care! :D

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