6 responses to “Fresca Suave

  1. HG

    Um. So if I were to come and sneak into your house and live there forever, how long would it take before you noticed?

  2. If you behaved enough like a cat, we’d never notice! (But really, when are you visiting?)

  3. HG

    I could totally behave like a cat! (Really, I don’t know. Soon I hope. When are you visiting me? I have two bedrooms now. You must deliver a cat to me.)

  4. Well, we’re going to be in Ottawa for the draft next summer. Is that soon enough? (Probably not, but I don’t know how much sooner we could get there…) Whenever it does happen, rest assured, we’ll bring many cats with us! :P

  5. HG

    No, that is not soon enough.

  6. Hm. But there’s a hockey season between now and then! When am I supposed to travel??

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