Chewy Ginger Oatmeal Cookies

One of the cookies that made my list of Cookies I Want to Bake in the New Kitchen was Ginger Oatmeal Cookies from the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion. Well, here they are! I was looking forward to making them all week and they lived up to my lofty expectations. Working in the kitchen was a dream. Schnookie was cooking dinner, Boomer was cleaning dishes and I was taking up almost the entire island with my mixing and baking but none of us ever felt like we were stepping on one another’s toes. Since we couldn’t even all stand in the old kitchen without feeling hemmed in, it was almost shocking how much space there was.

The cookies themselves could not have been easier to make. It was a basic recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies only with the raisins omitted and with ground ginger added to the dry ingredients. They have that distinctly oatmeal-cookie hearty bite and satisfying chewiness, but with a robust aftertaste of zingy ginger, which gives them a refreshing and crisp flavor that lightens the heaviness of the oatmeal. This is an all-season cookie that will probably be even better the second day (do not judge them on how they taste right out of the oven, which of course, we all knew, but who can resist a fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie?).

I give these 4 stars out of 5.



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6 responses to “Chewy Ginger Oatmeal Cookies

  1. Iain

    It’s a testament to your writing that despite having just polished off an extravagantly huge Scottish fried breakfast, I now have a hankering for some oatmeal cookies, despite feeling full to bursting point two minutes ago. Curse you! :)

  2. Mmmm… Scottish fried breakfast… wait, where was I? Oh yes, the quality of Pookie’s writing. Now, while I think she’s a fantastic writer indeed, these cookies actually wrote this post themselves, they were so good! :P

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the post (and your breakfast), Iain! The cookies were quite good, I have to say. I’m already wondering why I didn’t bring any to work with me today. I think they would have made a delightful breakfast. I mean, they’re practically like eating a healthy bowl of oatmeal, right? Right?

  4. HG

    Right. Can you put together a care package from Maple Hoo for me? :D Hee hee…

  5. Iain

    Absolutely – oatmeal cookies are an essential part of a balanced diet, I’d say.

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