Eating with IPB Eats

I was so thrilled when Schnookie named this blog “IPB Eats” rather than “IPB Cooks & Bakes”. I do not cook and I rarely bake (although I’m confident that will change with the new kitchen) but I do eat. I love food; I love talking about it, learning about it, and watching other people prepare it. So by calling the blog “IPB Eats” it allows me to write about my experiences with food.

Yesterday evening the denizens of IPB Manor decided to celebrate by eating out at Main Street Bistro, in Princeton, NJ. Once named one of America’s Best Neighborhood Restaurants by a major food magazine (I think Gourmet?), Main Street is a reliable place to get above-average food in a comfortable, low-key environment. The entire dinner was fabulous, from start to finish, but what I wanted to write about was the Country Fried Green Tomato that served as my appetizer. I had previously had a fried green tomato at a Southern restaurant in Alexandria, VA, but had been terribly unimpressed. Concerned that my general foul mood at the time had unfairly skewed my opinion of friend green tomatoes, I bravely ordered one last night. It came fried in a buttermilk breading and served on a bed of frisee with a warm bacon vinaigrette and a liberal sprinkling of thick chunks of bacon. With the first bite I knew I had, indeed, been giving fried green tomatoes an unfair shake. This one was crisp, tart and delightfully acidic. It was also surprisingly sweet, and the texture supplied a satisfying bite. When combined with the bacon, the vinaigrette and the breading, it tasted exactly like that last scrumptious bite of BLT, where the toast has had all lunch to soak in the bacon grease and the tomato juices.

I gave it 7 stars out of 10. (Though the mere presence of bacon will generally get any food product a solid five starts of ten.)



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10 responses to “Eating with IPB Eats

  1. HG

    Minus the bacon for me, it sounds fabulous! I must have one. I tried making fried green tomatoes but used too much liquid and not enough cornmeal breading. I will try again though one day.

    My most favourite fried food fantasticness was at this hole in the wall called “Mama’s” in Texas where I feasted on hush puppies (tiny fried dumplings with jalapeno pieces in them), breaded and fried catfish and AND! Deep fried pickles! They were amazing. Eight years later I can close my eyes and remember the salty crisp hot juice in my mouth. The slices were the size of a quarter each and 1/4 inch thick. The batter was light and crispy. I couldn’t eat them all so I had them packed up and the next I had them cold and they were still good. Mmmm… yum yum yum!

  2. Oh the fried goodness! Those hush puppies sound so good! I’ve never tried frying green tomatoes, but after these, I think I need to try them.

  3. Sarah

    It sounds so delicious I wish I could get over my dislike of tomatoes to give it a try :)

  4. Oh, don’t be shy about them Sarah — they don’t taste anything like tomatoes! They just taste like fried goodness!

  5. HG, that sounds phenomenal! If I weren’t stuffed from the amazing dinner Schnookie made tonight, I’d want a hush puppy right. now!

    Sarah, it really didn’t taste so much like a tomato that you wouldn’t like, I don’t think.

  6. HG

    Um… My lengthy description was about the deep fried pickles, not the hush puppies. They were alright but oh the pickles! THE PICKLES!

  7. I know, I realized after I left the comment that the pickles sounded awesome too, but I was just so thrilled at the concept of a hush puppy. I’d heard of them but never knew what they were. I sort of figured they involved hot dogs or something nasty like that.

    I love pickles. I loved deep fried stuff. I KNOW I’d love a deep fried pickle. Can we have complimentary baskets of deep fried pickles at the HLOG Cafe? It could be like our signature dish!

  8. HG

    Oh we totally have to have them at the HLOG Cafe! Brilliant.

  9. Patty

    I am not a fan of the fried tomatoes. I never tried one until I was grown, but I wasn’t that crazy about it. Maybe I should try it somewhere other than the State Fair.

    But man, I love hushpuppies. They’re cornbread. You can add jalepenos, too. You just take a blob of cornbread batter and drop it in the hot grease you’re frying your catfish in. Then you toss a couple to the dogs to keep them quiet. MMmmm MM!

  10. “Then you toss a couple of the dogs in to keep them quiet”. Patty, I love how southern you are! That’s the most hilarious thing ever. (The phrasing on that, not that you’re from the South…) So hushpuppies are just fried cornbread dough? Seriously? Because I have a deep-fryer. Is this something I can do with regular old batter?

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