The Bountious Bounty of the Cork Tree


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During our last kitchen remodel we let the designer talk us out of putting in a cork floor. Not so this time! The cork was the one thing we refused to back down on, and now that it’s finally in, we could not be more thrilled. Not only does it look fabulous, but it is a dream to walk on. As if we weren’t already walking on air with how perfect everything seems, the cork is like pillows beneath our feet.

If you look closely at the photos, you can almost see a unicorn… Can it be the end is in sight?



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7 responses to “The Bountious Bounty of the Cork Tree

  1. Meg

    Why did the designer talk you out of it before? Is it hard to clean? Easily damaged?

  2. The designer thought it had to be sealed all the time, but in the intervening 3 years, he’s realized it’s a pretty durable, easy to maintain surface. I think it is easily damanged if you leave heavy furniture on it, or if you walk on it in high heels. We’re not planning on doing much of either of those things!

  3. On paper it’s a material that’s hard to maintain, but the way it’s pre-finished now, it’s no more difficult to deal with than hardwood. We had actually done a lot more research on the product than our designer had the first time around. This time when we told him we wanted cork he was like, “Oh yeah, I’ve done some reading on it, and it’s very easy to deal with…” It was difficult not to roll our eyes at him.

  4. Meg

    Well it looks lovely!

  5. Patty

    Very nice floors! I really like the inlay design. When I was first designing my kitchen I was hoping for some linoleum with an inlaid border. Yours looks really great!

  6. The inlay was totally unexpected! I mean, we knew they were putting something in, but from the conversations we’d had with the designer we thought it would be, like, a pinstripe border or something. I love this SO much more than what I thought they were going to put in! (Although if I had a black-and-white checkerboard like someone I know, I probably wouldn’t give an inlay border a second thought. :P)

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