Tom Sawyer Punch

Planters Punch

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Today we lived the Tom Sawyer dream, embarking on what will probably be a months-long task of priming and painting the various and sundry components of our new garden fence. And after an extravagantly muggy afternoon of wondering why there weren’t any Mark Twain-authored children getting tricked into doing the painting for us, we kicked back with some Planters Punch. The recipe I used for this mixed dark rum, orange juice, the juice from half a lemon, a splash of simple syrup and soda water. I’d be interested to try it with fresh-squeezed orange juice (with no sink yet there was only so much I was willing to prep), but one way or the other, I could drink this every day, all day long. Just profoundly, spectacularly tasty and super refreshing.



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2 responses to “Tom Sawyer Punch

  1. HG

    Mmm… suddenly my jar of Minute Maid seems so inadequate.

  2. Oh, but you can just use that jar of Minute Maid to make many jars of planters punch!

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