IPB Believes In Unicorns!

During all those long, lonely, hopeless months we believed hard enough — and were pure enough of heart — that the kitchen fairies finally came and rewarded our faith. That’s right: the countertops are real!

The disco island, with Rollie exploring the perimeter counters in the background.

The perimeter counter, next to the sink, just being the vast expanse of granite we’ve always dreamed of.



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11 responses to “IPB Believes In Unicorns!

  1. Iain

    Cute moggie alert! :)

    Incidentally, following your previous post, the ingredients for a courgette cake were duly acquired from the supermarket at lunchtime – munchies ahoy!

  2. Mmmm… courgette cake! I hope it turns out deliciously!

    And Rollie says, “Hey! Who are you calling a ‘moggie’? Oh. Right.” (She’s not a very smart cat.)

  3. Meg

    Counters look nice!

  4. Your kitchen looks bigger than my apartment.

  5. This kitchen is obscenely huge. We squared out an L-shaped kitchen and breakfast nook, and ended up with this ridiculous, massive space. It didn’t seem like it would be that big, though, when we first decided to do it…

  6. Iain

    And yet, the dumbest cat is still smarter than the smartest dog :)

    The courgette cake did, indeed, turn out deliciously! And following a very tasty supper, off to bed I go…

  7. And yet, the dumbest cat is still smarter than the smartest dog :)

    Ah, so true! (Although Pookie’s coworker, when told about Rollie, once famously suggested, “Maybe she’s a little bit retarded?”)

    I’m glad to hear the cake turned out well! Even though your zucchinis were totally confused by being called courgettes… :P

  8. Patty

    Oh, my gosh! What a beautiful kitchen! I love your countertops! Don’t be afraid to set a glass on them, they can take it.

  9. Iain, I’m so glad to hear the courgette cake (if that really is it’s name) turned out well!

  10. Thanks for the advice, Patty! I think I will, in fact, put MANY glasses on them! :-)

    (What I’m most eager to do? Knead bread dough.)

  11. Patty, our first weekend with our new granite in our last kitchen remodel, our older sister left some sort of greasy item on the counter (I think it was Thanksgiving, and she left the measuring cup uses for making gravy out) and it left this massive stain. On the brand new counter. Fortunately, a week of caking it in baking soda got the stain out. But we were not happy campers, believe you me. So glasses, we’ll leave out. Grease spots? Those we’ll try to avoid.

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