Garden Victory!

IPB Manor boasts a raised-bed vegetable garden, which we’ve used to grow corn, onions, scallions, herbs, zucchinis, catnip, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, tomatillos, beets, radishes, turnips, lettuce, spinach, mesclun, spicy mesclun, and garlic. Today, however, IPB’s garden took a giant leap forward by producing the greatest potatoes the world has ever known. Seriously. We ate one. Gentle Reader, we eat a lot of potatoes. We know potatoes. This potato was greater than any potato that has ever come before it.

The world’s best potato was a Yellow Finn. The pictures on the right show half the crop of Yellow Finns and their garden-potato brethren German Butterball, and the Yellow Finn being harvested.

We had heard many a horror story about growing beautiful potato tops only to discover nothing but emptiness below ground. Braced for disappointment, we slowly and disinterestedly began to dig under our dying potato plants. The first root ended in a depressingly, but not surprisingly, small proto-spud. The rest of the dirt around it gave way to just more dirt. Until… Wait, could it be? What’s this? A potato-shaped, potato-colored… potato? Yes! New potatoes! Everywhere! Potato Victory was ours!


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