12 responses to “The First Item Baked in the New Kitchen

  1. oh, I LOVE zucchinis! I like them best raw but in muffins is also great.

  2. If I wasn’t already practically barfing from a birthday cake binge, I would probably be licking my laptop monitor in an effort to taste that cream cheese frosting. I love, love, LOVE spicey cakebits with cream cheese frosting.

    Also, nice butterfly plate.

  3. Oh now those just look incredible. I love zucchini in pretty much every form, and zucchini bread is amazing enough; add cream cheese and ginger in the mix and I’m sold. Definitely going to have to try making them :)

  4. What’s most impressive about this recipe is that Pookie will eat it. She hates zucchini (because… I don’t know. I can’t figure out how one would hate zucchini) and the concept of using it in baked goods, but this recipe transcends that. They are so good, in fact, that she let me pose them on her butterfly cake stand — thanks for noticing it, Katebits!

    Steph, one of the secretly most awesome things about this recipe is that it gives you an excuse to buy crystallized ginger.

  5. Cream cheese frosting is so unbelievably, orgasmically amazing.

  6. I have to agree with you on that front, kms2. When I was leaving for work this morning and grabbing an unfrosted cupcake (the lack of frosting makes it a muffin, right?) for my breakfast I was like, “What am I thinking? Why not just bring the leftover frosting and a spoon?”

  7. The cream cheese frosting is what originally prompted me to try these muffcakes (cupcakes and muffins in one) in the first place, since they seemed suspiciously vegetable-laced.

  8. Iain

    Good lord. Those muffins sound, quite simply, astounding.

    This has inspired me to look out a choc-chip courgette (or zucchini to you lot!) cake recipe – an American friend once made one for my folks, and it was amazing. Don’t know why they aren’t more common over here – plenty of carrot cake, but never courgettes…

  9. “Courgette”? Seriously? WOW! This blog has already paid for itself, what with all the international language learning I’m doing here! (I think I just pommerdoodled myself a little bit thinking of a chocolate-chip zucchourgette cake…)

  10. Eugenie

    Oh my. These have everything I love in them. Everything! Hey, does crystallized ginger go bad? I love having an excuse to buy it too, but I only use a wee bit at a time. I guess sugar doesn’t preserve things as well as salt, huh? My chemistry not so good. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Muffcakes. Tee hee!

  11. Eug, I have no idea how long the ginger would keep. I mean, as far as sugar as a preservative agent, I’m just not sure how much, say, meat you’d want to preserve that way…

  12. I’m getting hungry already!

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