Our Fridge Is A Many-Splendored Thing

At last! It’s here! After two months of unreliable refrigeration, and having only a mini-fridge we could count on, we finally have our new, beloved, magnificent fridge! Not only does it have fancy German “bio-fresh” crisper drawers, not only does it make perfectly square ice cubes, but it’s also (totally unexpectedly) magnetic beneath its sleek, stainless exterior! Our last stainless fridge wasn’t, and we are magnet people. It was a hard trade-off we thought we were making, but we should have had known better. It’s been almost two years since we first picked this fridge out, and believe me — it’s even more stupendous than we expected.



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4 responses to “Our Fridge Is A Many-Splendored Thing

  1. Now that’s a fridge!!!

  2. HG

    Yay! Now I know I will be fed when I finally get to Maple Hoo!

  3. HG, when you come to visit you’ll be beating back the food with a stick. That’s how fed you’ll be!!

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