The Flatbreads I Want To Bake

Okay, flipping through the KAF cookbook to look at crackers, I stumbled onto the flatbread recipes. I have never made flatbread. I think the new kitchen is going to be just the place to try it.

1. Lavash. KAF says this is a basic, easy recipe, which sounds perfect for a first-timer. It also sounds supertasty, and gives me an excuse to buy all kinds of seeds.
2. Rich Potato Flatbread. This sounds like it’s basically fried mashed potatoes. Sounds perfect.
3. Roti. Intriguing.
4. “Soft Wrap Bread”. This claims to be like Taco Bell gordita wrapper. Mmmm…



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2 responses to “The Flatbreads I Want To Bake

  1. Hey, what is this place? You two are taking over the entire internet. Leave some room for the rest of us. :)

    How is the love affair with your fridge working out?

  2. It’s true. When we look at the internet in general, we’re dismayed at how much of it isn’t IPB. So bit by bit (see what I did there?) we’re planning to take the whole damn thing over. Mark my words! (I think we’re a great cautionary tale against starting blogging — now that we’ve been bitten by the bug, there’s just no stopping.)

    As for the fridge, there aren’t words to describe it. Stay tuned, in fact, for the next exciting installment of IPB Eats, because there’s a lot of eatin’ news to be shared!

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